Back from Chile and Ready to Refuel

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Just a little update after my first ski camp of the season:
After a long summer dryland training camp, I couldn’t wait to get back on snow. My balance was better than before, and I finally learned to jump onto a yoga ball. My legs all toned up, I now have a stronger core and, most importantly, the confidence I gained over the summer. Overall, I was mentally strong coming into this camp and was excited to see what all those squats in the gym would do to the power in my skiing.
I left Vancouver on September 6th, dreading the long flight ahead of me. Luckily, I sleep on planes so it wasn’t so bad. Fifteen hours later, we finally made it to El-Colorado. By far a lot more snow than last year, plus two days into the trip it snowed 60cm. Definitely not ideal race/training conditions, but had some fun skiing in powder. The coaches pushed us hard to make the most of the camp, especially after loosing a few days to weather.
Our days got very long on the hill. From a shuttle bus picking us to go to the hill at 6:55am, skiing all day, then coming back to our room at 2:15pm for lunch. My legs were feeling quite gassed out—we were getting up to a dozen runs on-course each day. It may not seem like that much, but in high altitude and icy snow, you don’t only fatigue physically but mentally as well. The snow was perfect  once the powder was skied out. By far the best training anywhere in the world at the moment. Anything I was working on, I would get instant feedback from my skis. I wish it was always these types of conditions.
After lunch, I would curl right into bed and instantly fall asleep. Waking up with sore legs and tight backs, every night, the girls and I would do a group roll and stretching session. The girls and I, we worked together to push ourselves to the limits, trying to make the most of our camp in Chile.
After consuming lots of overcooked meat, PB&J sandwiches, and a variety of Chilean puddings, I am glad to be back home to see some fruits and veggies. It was an amazing camp, and I am really looking forward to going to Europe.
Adios and bis bald!