What a Season!

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The season has been a roller-coaster. Some races have been good, others not so great. We have gotten in many training days and multiple races, so there wasn’t any time to celebrate or grieve. The tempo is quite quick, and time managing with school is key. With barely attending any school, and constantly being on the road, our bodies get exhausted. Now that the season is over, piles of homework and tests need to be completed. Now I’m also heading back to the gym to work hard and prepare myself for the new season to come.



Overall this year i have accomplished much more than I thought I could have. I surpassed my fear of speed events, and now feeling comfortable and confident on my skis. I even managed to claim the Canadian U19 National Super-G title! I also took a big jump in my GS skiing, going from over 50 GS points to now having points in the 30’s. I have been very consistent throughout the entire year and finished the season in a good place by wining the overall BC Cup tittle and ranking top 5 nationally in three disciplines in the U18 category.


Luckily, I managed to stay healthy the entire year. Managing the amount of sleep, eating healthy, keeping up with school, training, and racing was not an easy task. It has been a very long year, and I am thankful for staying in one piece. Can’t wait to start the new season!